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This report explores the potential implications which two groups of experimental technologies
aimed at managing global climate risk, known as Carbon Removal and Solar Geoengineering, could
have for delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals…

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Twenty years ago, the BioTrade Initiative was launched as the UNCTAD response to implementing the 1992 Earth Summit’s Agenda 21, the blueprint for sustainable development action into the twenty-first century.

The BioTrade Initiative aims at…

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Biodiversity is life’s foundation as it provides resources for basic human needs in terms of food, fuel, medicine, shelter, transportation, as well as environmental services such as protecting water sources. It is also important for businesses as…

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UNCTAD defines BioTrade as “the activities of collection/production, transformation and commercialization of goods and services derived from native biodiversity under criteria of environmental, social and economic sustainability.”

In this context,…

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The Agrobiodiversity Index is the tool we need to measure agrobiodiversity and identify concrete actions to achieve diverse and sustainable food systems. It will contribute to sustainability through three pillars: diets and markets, production…
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