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The summary report presents the highlights of 2nd Wildlife Forum, held on 21 November 2018 in Sharm El-Sheik, at the margins of COP 14. It also outlines preliminary key messages that resulted from participants’ shared experiences and discussions on…

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Land use and related pressures have reduced local terrestrial biodiversity, but it is unclear how the magnitude of change relates to the recently proposed planetary boundary (‘safe limit’). We estimate that land use and related pressures have already…

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The PREDICTS project (Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing Terrestrial
Systems) has collated ecological survey data from hundreds of published biodiversity
comparisons of sites facing different land-use and related pressures,…

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Protected areas are widely considered essential for biodiversity conservation. However, few
global studies have demonstrated that protection benefits a broad range of species. Here,
using a new global biodiversity database with unprecedented…

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Agricultural intensification and urbanization are important drivers of biodiversity
change in Europe. Different aspects of bee community diversity vary in their sensitivity
to these pressures, as well as independently influencing ecosystem service…

Flyer outlining the Biodiversity Intactness Index, an indicator developed as part of the PREDICTS project. The indicator can be used in estimating the global change in local terrestrial biodiversity and projecting future change under different…

Issues published during CBD COP 14, COP-MOP 9 and COP-MOP 3.

A free online course about how integrating biodiversity into food and nutrition policies, markets and daily diets can improve the nutritional status of the population, improve producers’ incomes and livelihoods, and promote biodiversity conservation.

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: “Harvesting the Benefits of Local Foods: from Healthy Diets to Sustainable Growth”: recommendations to Sri Lankan policymakers on how to mainstream indigenous biodiversity, with research and methods stemming from a cross-cutting GEF-funded…
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